Working in radio is a blast. Working with some people inside of the radio station, not so much. We all have pet peeves about people and or things that go on in our workplaces. I have always said, "you do not have to be friends with everyone you work with."

That being said, after some of my co-workers read this I may be down to only one friend. That one friend is Tony LaBrie, because in no way shape or form do the following comments pertain to him. Ever.

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    This one is tricky. Yes, people must breathe to live, but why so loud? Snorting, sniffling, coughing and hacking are sounds I hear daily. I am not talking about sick people either. This is how these mother truckers breathe.

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    Use the Lunch Room as a Conference Room

    I don't know about you but I have always thought you eat lunch in a lunch room. Nope, in this building lunch room apparently means "talk on your cell phone as loud as you can room." Everyone in this building has a desk. We even have a conference room. Use it. I am in direct ear shot of this "mini office" and I know far to much about some of my co-workers. Pregnancy scares, arguments with significant others, even explicit surgery details. I have heard it all. Actually, I am too grossed out to even eat in there anymore.

    The test results are what?
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    Smoke... A LOT!

    I smoke. I do not smoke at work. Who has the time? Some people here. If I just stood in the lobby 18 times a day for 10 minutes, I feel like I would be asked "what are you doing?" However, if you are outside smoking, that is acceptable. People that don't waste 45 minutes a day smoking should be able to leave 45 minutes early. From the looks of it, Chris Monroe should be working 8:00am to 8:00pm to make up for his smoking.

    Smoking at work is so much fun!
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    Bring Dogs/Kids to Work

    I understand there are certain situations when a child may be at the radio station. In between school and home, waiting to be picked up by another parent, etc. However, when did the office become a daycare? This may come as a shocker, but most people do not think your kid is as awesome as you do. If you don't think people bring their pets here too, think again. I was in here a few Sundays ago, and our cleaning guy had a dog in here. One gal used to bring in her little dog in and let it run around. I may have stepped on it, I can't remember for sure.

    My mom said you would let me talk on the radio!
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    Be Chris Monroe

    Where do I begin? Chris basically is all of the above situations in one person. To be fair he did not bring in a dog, but he certainly is a pussy. Thanks Chrissy, I could not have done this post without you! You are truly an inspiration.

    Do not turn around Chrissy!