It is customary at funerals to pay tribute to the "likes" of the deceased.  Usually it is one of their favorite songs or friends and families sharing special moments they had together.  Recently an unknown person paid tribute to a dead person at a funeral by baking up a good old fashion tray of pot brownies.  No, the brownies did not go into the casket for the after life, they went down the throats of three old people at the service.

KTLA is reporting that three elderly people at a funeral service were offered the special brownies.  A Huntington Beach Police Department spokesperson said, quote:

"At the service, a tray of brownies were offered that has since been determined to have contained 'medical' marijuana."

Apparently the deceased was a medical marijuana user.  Nice I guess in terms of a tribute, but not cool to give to three old peeps in their 70's and 80's.  The trio were taken to the hospital after feeling nauseous and dizzy.

Maybe whoever made the magic brownies was just trying to put the FUN back in funeral?