Don't let the constant Facebook chatter about the Tigers' new Gatorade coolers and pitching coach fool you, the regular season is still roughly 5 months away. We do, however, have some answers to the burning questions about Tiger Baseball in 2014 --  get them here.

If you live in Michigan, you are legally required to be a Tigers' fans. That's why having Facebook is so great because you can get the play-by-play, even if your stupid job or second child's birth prevented you from watching all 162 games in the regular season. The comfort of knowing your friends will hook you up with great, insightful observations like, "We need a hit," "K" and "Verlander!" are what give many of us, myself included, the ability to sleep peacefully at night from April to October.

This year, thanks to the natural evolution of the internets, the constant chatter about the team has extended to the off-season as well. If you haven't been keeping up, here are a few of the crucial details about next season that have been answered by at least 40 people in your news feed.

  • The team will be wearing Detroit Tigers jerseys for every game next year
  • All home games are set to be played at Comerica Park, while away games will be played at the opposing team's respective ball park
  • There will still be 3 outs allowed per team, per inning

Outside of that, not much is known about the 2014 season. Stay tuned to your Facebook page for details!

Seriously, I know this is a stupid post. I'm just giving my Tiger superfan friends a hard time. I know everything I post isn't awesome either. Please don't kill me, I have a family. XOXO - Tree