The Tigers were dominating for 8 innings today, but JV and the boys fell apart in the 9th against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays today.  Find out why I think it was a great first loss for the Tigers.



I know, what you're thinking, "How the hell can blowing a 2 run lead in the 9th possibly be a good thing?"  I'll tell you how, accountability.  Verlander was killing it all day, but he got ahead of himself.  It's great that he was clocked in at 98 mph on his 98th pitch, but the game got away from him.  And he admitted it, took ownership of it, and looked like a man ready to lead his team.  After the fall apart he was quoted saying,

Once a couple guys got on, really the first time I've cranked it up like that — and lost a little bit of my consistency that I'd had all day.  It's inexcusable. This loss rests solely on my shoulders today.


It's so refreshing to see an athlete take accountability in his performance and offer no excuses or reasons for his shortcomings, just a resolution to do better.  My prediction of a Tigers World Series Championship was reinforced by today's loss.