With the 2012-2013 NFL season over and teams beginning to look over and analyze film, game after game, play after play, I’m sure they think about what they could have done to change the tide of a game. Could I have pushed myself a little harder? Dug a little deeper for that extra ounce of strength? Tickled another player in a pile-up...Wait…WHAT???

Throughout the course of an NFL season there are numerous amounts of fumbles, mishandling of snaps, and loose ball exchanges. Not to mention the innumerable amounts of pile-ups after play is whistled over. So what really goes on in those pile-ups? According to one source, a lot of juvenile antics, and torture in the form of, tickling.

In an ‘Ask Me Anything’ interview via Reddit, Tiki Barber was asked which defensive player he would always actively try to avoid on the field. His reply, Jeremiah Trotter. Barber said “We played each other so much and knew each other so well that when he hit me, he’d hit me hard,” However, Barber also added that “[H]e’d also help me up, and sometimes tickle me under the pile.” Does this mean coaches are going to be keeping stats on who has the most tickles, instead of tackles???