Spring is here, which is awesome! That also means allergy season is here, which is not awesome. As someone who has seasonal allergies, I always appreciate some guidance on how to keep those stinkin' allergies under control.

Here are a few tips on dealing with seasonal allergies via FamilyDoctor.org:

Shower or bathe before bedtime to wash off pollen and other allergens in your hair and on your skin.

Avoid going outside, especially on dry, windy days.

Keep windows and doors shut, and use an air conditioner at home and in your car.

You can reduce the amount of mold in your home by removing houseplants and by frequently cleaning shower curtains, bathroom windows, damp walls, areas with dry rot and indoor trash cans. Use a mix of water and chlorine bleach to kill mold. Open doors and windows and use fans to increase air movement and help prevent mold.

For more tips, go here.