These parents have figured out the best way to wake a sleeping child -- with Nirvana! We're not 100% sure that this video is legit, but one thing is for sure -- this three-year old rocks out way harder than your kid.

The video comes from a Chilean couple, who claim they were looking for new ways to wake the 3-year old. The little guy apparently has a habit of waking up grumpy, but hearing the sound of Dave Grohl's thunderous drum intro on 'Breed' sent the child into a mid-slumber air-drum roll.

The kid could be fake-sleeping, which isn't that likely for a three-year old but this kid looks huge. In the paragraph below the video, they explain the child is large for his age due to his father being a "viking" -- sounds fishy to me. Either way, the video great reminder that kids can be pretty cool when they're not pooping everywhere and crying.

Nirvana Kid Plays Sleeping Air Drums