This 16-month old toddler will remind you just how magical movies can be, as he gets super excited during Superman's first flight in 'Man of Steel' and melts our icy hearts in the process.

Raising a kid is hard. But somewhere between all of the disgusting diaper changes and multiple times you get puked on... something incredible happens --  you get reminded just how amazing life can be sometimes.

There's nothing more heartwarming than seeing that sense of wonderment a child gets from something as simple as watching a man in a blue jumpsuit flying (via CGI) in a movie. Witnessing moments like that make you forget that somewhere along the way, all of that magic and naivety was beaten out of you by society on your journey into adulthood and, for just a brief couple of seconds, you remember what it was like to be a kid. That's if you're lucky. Reliving those moments through the eyes of your own child are what makes all the crapped diapers and formula stained t-shirts totally worth it.

All of my emotional parenting BS aside, this kid getting excited about Superman soaring through the air is the cutest thing ever. Welcome aboard, kiddo. You just became a fanboy for life! You will probably hide your love of all things "nerdy" when you're trying to meet girls in your late teens/early 20s, but you'll be back when you have kids. Trust me.


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