In the latest installment of Tom Morello's web series 'The Nightwatchman Speaks' he confirmed something that we unfortunately found out first hand -- he gets annoyed when asked about Rage Against the Machine.

Rage Against the Machine pioneered an entirely new brand of music when they burst onto the scene with their self-titled 1992 debut. Sure there were one off rap-rock collaborations before, but Rage turned it in to a legitimate genre with heavy hitters like 'Killing in the Name' and 'Freedom.' Unfortunately most of the acts that followed Rage only tarnished the genre and the band went on indefinite hiatus at the top of their game in 2000.

There have been some reunion shows over the past few years but despite rumors and the urging of fans, Rage Against the Machine haven't set plans to record a follow-up to 2000's cover album 'Renegades.' The issue often comes up when guitarist Tom Morello does interviews to promote his solo work as The Nightwatchmen, as was the case in our interview with Morello last year.

"It’s not a band that operates according to album cycles or anything like that," a somewhat agitated Morello told us after we pressed the issue of when RATM plans to record. "We did that back in the nineties and it made everybody crazy and we didn’t get along because of it. Now when we want to do something — we do it. When we want to do a tour or play a show or write a song — we’ll do it…and we’ll let you know [laughs]."

Tom was recently posed the question of whether it bothers him that people constantly look to him for Rage news and he addressed the topic briefly in his latest webisode. His answer (as we suspected) -- yes it does.

Morello is currently touring in support of his third Nightwatchman record 'World Wide Rebel Songs,' while Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha continues work on the full-length debut from One Day as a Lion, who released a self-titled debut EP in 2008.

Tom Morello Talks Rage Questions