We are back at it tonight with week four of the Banana Bad Bowlers League.  At the start of last week, big bad Tony LaBrie and his team "Blonde Leading the Blonde" were tied for first place with the "Head Hunters."  Rumor has it, Tony's team took all four points last week which should keep them in the top spot.

On the other hand, the reigning champs from last season, Maggie and "Foxy StrikeZam," are hanging out at the bottom of the pack.  Although Maggie has vowed to take home the championship once again, "Foxy StrikeZam" is only sitting one spot away from last place.

In his debut season, Tree and "The Pecan Sandies," are doing a little bit better than Maggie's team in 33rd place.  With a solid average of 105, we have no doubts that this internet guru will lead his team deeper into alcoholism.

Finally, Chris Monroe and "Fight for Flint," started week three in a four-way tie for second place with "BAMF's," "The Coroners," and "Squinty."  Monroe's team plays a shot game every week amongst its players, during which Chris lost in the first frame of the first game.  After, kicking off the first game with a round of Fireball shots, "Fight for Flint" went on to lose all for points which will put them into the middle of the pack this week.

Thanks to everyone that decided to have a little fun with us and get dressed up for 80's night last week!  Check out some of the pics below.

David from Monroe's team, "Fight for Flint," stepped it up last week by picking up a solid spare between the legs of 6 of the league's hot bowlers.  Well done David, well done!