Back in the 80s I was a rocker all the way. I started out loving 80's Glam Metal but quickly my taste for metal got harder and harder. Here's a list of some of my favorite metal bands from the 80s.


Mix metal and rap, who the hell would ever do such a thing? Anthrax, that's who! This was a band that brought the funny when most metal bands were busy being too serious. The thing that was cool was how they only sprinkled rap and comedy into their music and didn't over do it. Still today when hear someone say "NOT", it's hard to "NOT" think of Anthrax.


In the world of Metallica vs. Megadeth, I was always the bigger Megadeth fan. Dave Mustaine had such unique vocal style and still does today. This was a band that just kept getting better and better while I feel Metallica did the complete opposite.

King Diamond

King Diamond was like nothing I had ever heard in my life and I loved every bit of it. He looked like members of Kiss but could hit high notes that could shatter glass. I think there something about his evil ways that may have grabbed my attention as well.


Slayer are the kings of metal in my book. My good buddy growing up made me read some Slayer lyrics before ever really hearing the band and those lyrics really intrigued me to fully listen. It didn't take long and I was burning through Slayer cassettes like crazy. SLAYER!!!


I'll never forget the first day I heard Testament, I was on a family vacation in California and while watching MTV (when MTV was cool) the video for 'Trail By Fire' came on and changed the way I listened to music. I became an instant Thrash Metal fan for life.