Maynard James Keenan; The enigmatic singer for Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer is often shrouded in the darkness of the stage or in disguise during performances. The usually private singer gave fans a peek into his world this week when he spoke with Seattle Weekly about the 10 most played songs in his iTunes library. I think you'll be surpised at what he's listening to.

  • 10

    'Rock & Roll'


    Never really heard too much from this band, but not a bad start to the list. Kind of dark for an 80's track despite it's upbeat drumming. Cool guitars, chicks screaming about rock & roll, I dig it. I could see this being a kick ass live tune.

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    'When I Wake Up To Sleep No More'

    Marshall Family

    You wouldn't peg Maynard as one who listens to old school religious tunes either. One listen to the lyrics of A Perfect Circle's 'Judith' would be enough to offend any Jesus freak. I'm assuming this is one from his childhood or something. Couldn't find the Marshal Family version so I just picked one of the hundreds of others on Youtube. No matter who's singing get the idea after a few seconds.

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    'Skinny Minnie' (Fishtail)

    Theresa Brewer

    This quirky track is another surprise on the list, seems like one of those songs where the rhythm gets stuck in your head pretty easily though. The odd vocal delivery on this one could have inspired Maynard's on the Puscifer track 'Country Boner'.

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    'Follow My Life'

    Obie Trice

    After hearing Maynard's thoughts on rap in Tool's Aenema, this is the last thing I expected to see on the list. Detroit's own Obie Trice is the man behind the hardest song on the list; this would be the hardest song on most lists really. Do I smell a collaboration? God I hope not.

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    'Gone Shootin''


    Finally another rock song to add to the list. Nothing out of the ordinary on this track from the band's original line-up featuring Bon Scott; just straight ahead kick ass rock. You might remember this track, written about a heroin overdose, from the movie 'Beavis and Butthead Do America'. 'Gone Shootin' originally comes from the band's 1978 album 'Powerage'.

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    'Crossroads' (Live)

    Ahmed Jamal

    One of the more rare tracks on Maynard's list, so rare I couldn't even find it on the internet. The jazz pianists' cover version of the blues standard comes from his CD 'Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival 1985'.  This video is a different song from 2010, but pretty much all his stuff sounds the same to me. One thing this guy's music and Maynard's have in common is the kick ass bass lines, the piano on the other hand...

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    'Nobodys Fault But Mine'

    Nina Simone

    This piano driven blues track is not what you would expect Tool's singer to be rocking out to on the reg, but here it is. I wonder if Simone's soulful singing on this helped Maynard get in touch with his 'feminine' side on APC's incredible '3 Libras'.

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    Many rock stars who rose to fame in the 90's like Pearl Jam's Mike McCready and Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan love this band; now you can add Maynard to the list. I never would've noticed before but  singer Klaus Meine sounds kind of like Maynard; just with less range.

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    'Man of Constant Sorrow'

    Soggy Bottom Boys

    This song gained a weird cult following after the release of the Coen Brothers' film tribute to Homer's Odyssey 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'. Even though I love most Coen Bros. films, I never really got the appeal of this song or the movie. I guess you can hear where Maynard draws some of his oddball country laced inspiration which you'll hear sprinkled throughout his 'solo' project: Puscifer's 'V is for Vagina'.

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    'Man Overboard'


    If I were Maynard; I'd be listening to my own s--- all the time too. Unfortunately this song is either new or unreleased because it's nowhere to be found on the interweb. Leave it to a musical genius to keep his favorite song to himself. Here is a random Puscifer track instead.