Remember Tool? That really cool band that writes long, weird, riffed out songs. That Maynard guy from A Perfect Circle was their singer...they were awesome! Last week Tool guitarist Adam Jones made a rare appearance at WWE SummerSlam of all places. Watch him jam 'The Star Spangled Banner' here.

While Maynard confirmed months ago that his original band Tool is writing for their new album, recording tends to take a few years from start to finish for the band. Instead we will see new material from Maynard's two other bands this year, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer.

Adam Jones showed up at last night's SummerSlam in Anaheim, California to play 'The Star Spangled Banner' and remind us there are others in the band besides Maynard (even though we rarely see/hear about them outside of Tool). Watch as Jones throws some of that signature prog-metal riffage on a somewhat choppy version of the national anthem.