Miss Tool? So do we. Until they finally hit us with the long awaited follow-up to '10,000 Days,' we will have to make due by watching this (surprisingly good quality) fan-shot video of their recent performance in Reno, Nevada.

If your city wasn't among the lucky ones to have a stop on Tool's current tour (click here for dates), we have the next best thing -- a recording of their January 14th gig in Reno, Nevada that actually has decent sound quality. The band has yet to unveil any new songs but have been dusting off some older tracks for their set including 'Hooker With a Penis' and 'Ticks and Leeches.'

Tool's Reno, NV Setlist Jan, 14th 2012

01. 'Hooker With a Penis'
02. 'Jambi'
03. 'Stinkfist'
04. 'Ticks & Leeches'
05. 'Pushit'
06. 'Schism'
07. 'Intension'
08. 'Forty-Six & 2'
09. 'Lateralus'
10. 'The Pot'
11. 'Ænema'