There are multiple ways to enjoy a smokey treat -- rolling papers, bongs, glass pipes, bubblers, vaporizers -- hell even household items can be used. While finding information for you to use while enjoying some time in Amsterdam -- if you win Crop-tober -- we stumbled across some weird looking smoking devices. Here's the list of the top 10 strangest smoking pipes and bongs. Check them out after the jump.

  • Hand Carved Skull Pipe

    Take a look at this hand carved skull pipe, the detail and artwork is awesome. The jawbone of the skull is removable and acts as a stand when not in use. The bowl of the pipe is 1" deep and measures 4-1/4" and stands 2-1/4" high. This is sure to draw some attention, even if you don't smoke you can display it as a sculpture.

    Lovalon, Etsy
  • Handmade Deer Antler Pipe

    If you live in the backwoods or are into rustic mountain-man items this pipe is for you. It has a Native American peace pipe feel to it. The pipe itself is made from deer antler, javalina hide and rattlesnake vertebra -- pretty freakin' cool! The bowl for this pipe is 2-3/4" tall and the pipe is 5-1/2" long overall. Best used when camping, sitting around the campfire and playing on the hand drums. Just don't do a rain dance you may get wet.

    WeaverMountainArts, Etsy
  • Little Train Pipe

    This is not a toy for you kids -- actually you probably shouldn't be smoking around your kids, but who are we to tell you what to do -- but this is a fun looking pipe to have around. Its about 4-1/2" in total size, and kinda looks like Thomas the Train. Take a few puffs and make sure you make the train sounds for full effect.
  • Kneeling Woman Ceramic Pipe

    This is a cool looking pipe with a chick in the doggy-style position -- and if you look closely you put your lips right up to her bunghole! This pipe is a total in 11" long -- that's pretty big for a regular pipe -- and is a beautiful piece of art.
  • Glow in the Dark Pipe

    You'll never lose this pipe in the dark! This bright glow in the dark glass pipe is covered with dichroic swirls that will change color and become more vibrant as the pipe darkens from use. Be careful while using this, you may end up focusing on it more than you use it.

    TheGoodTimesGlass, Etsy
  • Skull Waterpipe

    This cool looking skull water pipe features four plastic hoses to make sharing with friends easy, it is made from durable ceramic and has a handle built in the back for easy smoking. This would be perfect for your Halloween party or if you're into the Gothic/ghoulish style.
  • Nude Women Ceramic Waterpipe

    Have a threesome with this sexy looking female body ceramic waterpipe. This waterpipe features a durable ceramic body, two plastics hosers -- so you can enjoy with a friend or smoke alone -- and is over 8" tall. This is sure to spark some conversation as well as make a great piece.
  • Ceramic Gun Pipe

    Have you ever wanted to stick a gun in you mouth? We hope not, but now you may want to. This is a cool ceramic pistol shaped pipe will go good with your collection -- the total size of this pipe is a little over 8" and is freestanding on its own base.
  • Gas Mask Bong

    Current day gas masks were first used during World War I -- and it didn't take long for some clever stoner to covert it to a waterpipe. Using a gas mask bong won't waste any or the precious smoke -- the mask fills up with smoke and the user just breathes the smoke. A guaranteed good time.
  • Mike Edison's ChroniCaster

    Are you the music type that gets sick of having to take a break from practicing to go 'get right'? Do we have the solution for you -- Mike Edison's ChroniCaster -- now you can partake and practice at the same time. This fully playable guitar will help you be 'creative' and hit all those 'high notes' that you've always wanted to hit. This has got to be the most creative bong around.