Stand-up comedians are great to watch when you have time for a night out. They are even better when they go crazy on rude people that heckle the shows. Check out my favorite top five videos of stand-up comedians tearing apart hecklers. Enjoy!

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    Joe Klocek vs. Heckler

    Someone by this guy a drink. Not only did he square off on this heckler, he also invited the heckler on stage. I don't think this guy will ever open his mouth at a show ever again.

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    Kevin Smith vs. Moron at Comicon

    Kevin Smith is a genius and handles this idiot real well.

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    Matt Davis vs. Redneck Heckler from Birmingham

    There is something to be learned here kids. The microphone will always win.

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    John DeBoer vs. Drunk Twins Fan

    The crowd definitely helped out on this one. God bless sports taunts.

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    Steve Hofstetter vs. Obnoxious Teacher

    Comedian Steve Hofstetter is quite possibly the king of hecklers. He has a ton of videos proving his ability to destroy any dumbass heckler in the audience.

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    Joe Rogan vs. Girl Power

    Joe Rogan is a man of many talents. Putting stupid hecklers in their place seems to be one of his specialties.