So we were cleaning out the garage, getting ready to sell off our old crap when we found a couple of items I just couldn't put a price tag on. Take a stroll down memory lane with me and check out a couple of badass toys you probably had if you grew up in the 80s.

We all have those boxes we continue to move from place to place without really paying too much attention to its contents. We keep them merely because, at some point, we classified it as "important stuff to go through later."

I have a few of these I've taken with me over the years and even more at my parents house. Not so long ago, they dropped a few of those boxes off at my house and they sat in the garage until we were getting ready for a garage sale earlier this week. I found myself getting nostalgic going through them and figured I'd share a few of the treasures I'd found with you (and my kids).

Redsun from the Inumanoids

I had no idea what this was, so I looked it up online. Turns out it's a character named Redsun from the 80s cartoon 'Inhumanoids.' I have no recollection of watching this show, but it does seem fitting that I would have at least one toy tree. Honestly, this thing looks like Freddy Kruger to me, but my kids wanted it so I gave it to them.

Tree Riddle, Banana 101.5

Star Wars Dudes

I remembered having a modest collection of 'Star Wars' toys, but I never realized that I had damn near the whole crew until recently. I got a laugh out of the toothpick I crudely jammed in Darth Vader's arm where his lightsaber was missing. I'm fairly certain I inherited these from one of my older siblings. Too bad they aren't still in the package -- I'd make some fat cash off of them. I put all of these together and put them away... sorry kids. Daddy's not ready to hand those over yet.

Tree Riddle, Banana 101.5

Electronic Survivor Shot

I think this was actually a 90s toy. Mine is still in the box and largely unused. I was the only one of my friends who got one of these and it's pretty hard to play laser tag by yourself. I'm probably going to eBay this one. The fact that it's still in the box (and that I couldn't find any for sale) could snag me a few bucks I imagine.

Tree Riddle, Banana 101.5

G.I. JOE - Cobra Terrordome

This thing was probably the most badass toy I ever owned. As you can see, it took a beating over the years. Despite all the missing parts, my kids kept wanting to play with it, so I cleaned off the 20+ years of garage dirt, grime and spider webs and handed it over. They don't have any G.I. JOEs, but it will make a nice home for their Batman toys.

Tree Riddle, Banana 101.5


Apparently, I had two Batmobiles. One based on the comic books or 50s TV show and one from the 1989 Tim Burton movie (which doesn't really hold up all that great when you watch it now, by the way). Since my kids are way into Batman stuff, I handed them both over a few weeks back when I found them. Unfortunately, neither of the sizes of Batman toys they had fit in them, so I had to buy them a medium sized Batman. My house is slowly turning into the Batcave, but I think I'm okay with that.

Tree Riddle, Banana 101.5

What Was Your Favorite Toy When You Were a Kid?

Tell us what your favorite toy was when your were a kid and let us know if you had any of these in the comments section below.