Over the weekend I was lucky enough to make the trek to East Troy, Wisconsin for Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary bash PJ20. Though I am terrible at remembering to take pictures, we did get a decent amount on the second day of the festival -- check them out here.

The first day of our journey was a very long one. The 7 hour drive from Flint to East Troy was extended once the quest for beer started after we arrived in Wisconsin. The local Wal Mart informed us that it's illegal to buy beer after 9p, but some gas stations might hook us up on the sneak.

Almost two hours later (around 12a Wisconsin time) we had our beer and hit the campgrounds. After driving for 9+ hours all I wanted to do was party, but unfortunately we had to set up our tents. Soon enough the business was done and it was beer:30. The craziest looking lightning filled the sky around 4a (yeah, we were still up at that point). We drunkenly threw the rainguards on our tents and called it a night.

The tent was half-filled with rain around 9:30a when the throbbing of my headache awoke me -- rainguard didn't work. Shortly after we attempted to dry our sleeping bags, we were on the shuttle bus to PJ20. I had a hearty breakfast of Coors Light aound 11:30 during our ride to the venue. The rain started to pour about halfway there and would only let up for brief periods until it stopped altogether around 6p. We were in the parking lot tailgaiting for that entire stretch of time.

The rest of the weekend was awesome, we went in at 6:30p and watched Queens of the Stone Age rip up the stage. It was tough to stay awake during The Strokes, but once PJ hit the stage I was re-energized. After a great set we took the bus to the campground and did it all over again the next day, except I took more than one picture on Sunday.

I'll countdown the top 10 moments of PJ20 tommorow, but for now check out my photo gallery.