Maybe it's just me, but when did the Winter Olympics become such a big deal? There are a ton of people boycotting the Sochi Olympics for a number of legitimate and understandable reasons... mine are far less honorable than any of those.

A lot of people were immediately done with this outing of the Olympics due to Russia's hard stance against gay people. Yes, I just said "hard stance against gay people." That alone is a perfectly good reason to not watch the Olympics, but it's not why I'm boycotting them.

Seeing the poor conditions of Sochi in general via @SochiProblems and #SochiProbs  have been enough for some to stop watching... although I'm sure it has inspired a few to watch ironically. If I were an athlete, the water situation in Sochi alone would be enough to make me drop out of the games. But again... this has nothing to do with why I won't be watching.

Russian officials have begun killing stray dogs that are wandering around as well. Disgusting? Hell yeah it is. Is it why I won't be watching? Nope.

Clive Mason, Getty Images

The reason I won't be watching the dumbass Winter Olympics is because they suck. Outside of hockey, every sport at the Winter Olympics can suck it. The real kicker is that the games are in Russia. The last time anything worth watching happened in Russia, Rocky Balboa fought Ivan Drago so hard that he "broke something inside."

My biggest issue with the Olympics is that most of my TV shows are on hiatus for a few weeks because of this bulls---. Yeah, I have to wait until February 26th to watch 'Arrow.' This is unacceptable. Why do TV shows even go on hiatus when the Olympics are on? Sure, it's a ratings home run for NBC. Why wouldn't it be? Nobody is opposing it. If Casey Anthony ran for President of the United States unopposed... guess what happens? All kneel before President Baby-Killer (allegedly)!

Networks need to grow some balls like AMC has. Are they postponing the return of 'The Walking Dead' until the games are over? Hell no! Because they know anyone with a pulse and a third of a brain would rather watch an awesome show about the zombie apocalypse than women's curling any day.

Let's all stand together and let the powers-that-be know that just because it's, literally, the only new thing on TV most nights, we still have better things to do than sit around watching a less exciting version of 'Cool Runnings.' Hell, I'd rather watch that on Netflix than see one minute of actual bobsledding.