A few years back I dressed as Jesus (or Treesus as the incident has been referred to) for Halloween, basically because everybody said I looked like him anyway. That outing was met with mixed reactions and now it looks like the church community is out for revenge on yours truly. Check out this dumb ass PSA urging you to jump aboard the anti-Tree movement.

I always knew I would have to answer for my 2007 Halloween costume at some point, just didn't expect it to be so soon. It is clear to me now that I should've said I was the bongo player for Phish, it's pretty much the same costume but without all the controversy (and a splash of patchouli). Unfortunately this is the highest quality photo from that year, it was actually Halloween and not Thanksgiving like the date in the corner says. I also had a pretty legit crown of thorns you can't see very well in the picture.