When it comes to action movies, sometimes you have to get a bit silly to take some of the edge off. So, every so often, you'll catch a scene where a dude kills another dude in a hilarious, over-the-top fashion that makes you laugh out loud. I love those moments so much that I've listed some of my favorites for you here.

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    Big Trouble In China

    Exploding Guy

    Big Trouble in Little China is one of the most badass movies of all-time because it's just a really fun mashup that doesn't take itself at all seriously. Case in point, this scene where one of David Lo Pan's top ninja's basically self-destructs by inflating like a balloon until he pops.

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    Let Off Some Steam Guy

    There is so much wrong with Commando, that it's hard not to adore the movie. When a film botches so many elements and still makes it to theaters, it's really something to behold. The whole movie comes to its boiling point when John Matrix delivers one of the best one-liners of all-time right after dispatching his former colleague, the chain mail aficionado named Bennett, who is clearly way too out of shape to stand a chance in this fight.

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    Rambo: First Blood Part 2

    Arrow Exploding Guy

    John Rambo has had some hilarious kills throughout his extended career, but among those highlights is this dude who met the business end of an explosive arrow.

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    Total Recall

    Suffocating Bug Eyes Guy

    Director Paul Verhoeven is pretty good at mixing these gory and hilarious scenes into his films (Robocop, Starship Troopers). The comedy reached an all-time high as Quaid (or Howser, I'm still confused about that one), Mileena and the villainous Vilos Cohaagen all bugged out gasping for air on the surface of Mars. Despite his statement just minutes earlier, the latter was the only one who didn't make it home in time for Wheaties (as if Wheaties is the cereal people will still be eating in 2084). Plus, all the sounds made here are priceless!

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    Toxic Waste Guy

    I'm starting to realize that "exploding guy" is a recurring theme here, but I defy you to not laugh when Clarence Boddicker (aka Red Forman) liquifies his homeboy with his 6000 SUX.

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    Intestine Rope Swing Guy

    Machete is an entire movie based on ridiculous action, so it doesn't need much setup. This was easily the most effective humor kill in the movie though.

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    Turned Into Chum Guy

    This may be the finest example of overkill ever demonstrated on film. Rambo straight-up cuts this guy to pieces with a large caliber machine gun at incredibly point blank range. He's gonna feel that in the morning!