I realized recently that a lot of people haven't spent as much time watching movies as I have. This is why every Friday I tell you which film you should've seen already. My recommended viewing for this weekend is "Fright Night".

Last week I DVR'd "Fright Night 2" and it reminded me how awesome the first one was. The best part in the sequel was probably the one minute recap of the first movie at the beginning.

The original film follows Charlie Brewster thorough his uneventful high school life, that is until vampire Jerry Dandrige moves in next door to him.  Bear in mind that this film was shot in 1985 and some of the special effects do look very "special". However some of the creature effects are incredible, I have a soft spot for pre-CGI special effects. I'll take liquid latex and corn syrup over digital blood spatter any day (for some reason digital blood ALWAYS looks terribly fake to me). This was made back in the day before vampires were sexy and fashionable (and gay) and is just a kick ass movie. Roddy Mcdowell kills it as the former horror actor turned cable movie host and Chris Sarandon is great as the villain. In fact there are pretty solid performances across the board (even from a pre-Bundy Marcy D'arcy).  There is a very good balance of blood and humor and even a little (well maybe a lot) of cheese.  I'm apparently not the only one who loved this movie growing up, there is a remake (which will probably lick balls) due out next year. While you're recovering from that Friday night hangover toss this one in and check it out, you can probably skip the sequel though.

I would put the trailer below but they show you the whole movie in a minute thirty (including the ending, WTF?)