I realized recently that a lot of people haven't spent as much time watching movies as I have. This is why every Friday I tell you which film you should've seen already. This week's forgotten cinematic gem is a little film called "The Stoned Age".

I have probably seen this movie upwards of fifty times and it only gets better. Everybody in my generation regards "Dazed and Confused" as the holy grail of movies about 1970's and the high school experience in general. Even though their experiences are in no way similar to events of that movie, it does capture a certain indescribable something that sticks with you. While it is a great movie, I prefer the less serious (and MUCH lesser known) movie "The Stoned Age". This movie is a buddy stoner comedy (even if they don't get to smoke too much during the film) that delivers on a whole different level than "dazed...".  

It follows friends Joe and Hubbs who are on the quest that most of us know all to well. Their ultimate goal is to get drunk, high, and laid before the end of the night (and all with no money). The two are both die-hard Blue Oyster Cult fans and drive around looking for chicks in a P.O.S. they lovingly call "The Blue Torpedo".  Reminds me a lot of my high school experience, no money, no chicks, and a shitty blue car. The only thing in their arsenal is a gallon of "Schappster" and some skank weed. I'm not gonna spoil the movie for you but if you like what you hear so far, track this movie down. I had to order it online years ago but with services like Netflix,  it should be an easy find (in fact, I'm almost certain you can lock it in your instant queue right now). The cast are a bunch of no names and the only recognizable actor is Clifton Gonzalez Gonzales who plays the hilariously ignorant Tak. This movie is chock full of quotables (including my favorite one about why all cool bands write one weak song) and has about every stereotype of teen party-goer there is. "The Stoned Age"  boasts a pretty good 70's soundtrack but doesn't feature any Zeppelin. Which is kind of funny because Zeppelin was the band intended to be highlighted but they could not secure the rights to use any of their music in the film. Instead the main characters were devout fans of B.O.C., who appear on the sound track and also make a cameo at the end of the movie.  This movie is a guaranteed hit if your in the mood for laughs and will have you talking about "talls", "Schappster", and ice trays long after viewing. At some point this weekend you will be spending a couple hours on your couch watching TV, make sure this movie is on it when you do. Thank me later.