The wolfpack is back! If you were a fan of the original 'Hangover', the good news is they brought all the same jokes to the sequel. High expectations weren't the only thing shattered by 'Hangover 2'  last weekend, the movie also broke some records as well. Continue reading after the jump for my full review of  'The Hangover Part II'.

Back in December when I listed all of the movies I was looking forward to this year, the sequel to the blockbuster comedy 'The Hangover' was a no-brainer. My one concern for the film was the long standing tradition of comedy sequels recycling the same jokes from the original with minimal success. I assumed co-writer and director Todd Phillips was smart enough to avoid this trend; he wasn't. When a movie is as big as 'The Hangover' you are almost obligated to make a sequel whether you have a compelling idea for one or not (especially in today's "greed is good" Hollywood).

I don't really have much to say about the latest installment in the Hangover franchise (yes, I said franchise and you'll find out why in a minute), it was OK, I laughed a few times...but not out loud. Really more of a chuckle. All the major players were back for the sequel that has us jetting off to Thailand for Stu's wedding this time out. There were some genuinely funny moments towards the beginning that come from seeing the characters you liked from the first film interact in a way you haven't yet seen; in their regular day to day lives. Once they jump the plane to Thailand sub in the plot from Hangover 1 and there is your movie. There were some things that were kind of funny, but would've been funnier had I not seen them in the trailer already. Even Zach Galifianakis' man-child antics wear thin by about minute 13 of the movie this time around. At the end of the movie (no spoilers) there were some things that characters didn't make a big deal about in a very unbelievable scenario (it involves an injury sustained by someone). I kind of expected this from the movie but was still disappointed that I was right. This is not that thorough of a review and I apologize, but I don't want to give out too many spoilers and I've already wasted two hours of my life watching the movie. No need to waste more writing about it (the screenwriters sure didn't).

The Hangover Part 2 was a automatic win for the studio regardless of the quality of the movie, they knew everyone would want to see it. They were right and are now reaping the benefits of the highest grossing Memorial Day weekend box office take ever; $105.8 million ($137.4 mil total so far) which was just shy of beating The Matrix Reloaded for the largest R-rated opening of all time. Before the movie was even released it was announced that the wolfpack will probably be back again to round out the trilogy with a trip to Amsterdam. I'm guessing the jokes will not even remotely work the third time out.

Final Verdict: As much as I liked to see the characters back for the sequel, it would've been nice if they had something new to offer. C