Fresh off of scoring an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his work on David Fincher's "The Social Network", Reznor spills the beans on his agenda for the near future. His upcoming endeavors include a How to Destroy Angels LP, 2 more movie scores, and a possible Nine Inch Nails project. 

Shortly after The Social Network director David Fincher was announced as the helmer for Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Reznor was attached as the composer for the films score.  Girl... will mark the fourth time the pair have worked on the same project. Seven featured a remix of "Closer", Fincher directed the video for NIN's "Only", and of course The Social Network

Now Reznor has announced that he will be working on the film adaptation of Seth Grahame Smith's cult favorite Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

"[Director Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted)] asked me if I was interested in scoring his new film he's doing with Tim Burton entitled 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.' I was familiar with the book, read the script and it felt like an interesting challenge as a composer - very different from the Fincher films. While discussing the film with Timur he started gently pressing me to play a small role in the film. The idea was a cameo-esque role that would be kept under wraps andbe a surprise around opening night. I was considering this when I awoke a few days ago to the news I am now STARRING in 'ALVH' (which is obviously not true). We both apparently forgot the internet existed AND THERE ARE NO SURPRISES anymore. So... do me a favor and act surprised, OK?"
**SPOILER ALERT** Reznor is set to appear as the vampire who kills Abraham Lincoln's mother. The film is scheduled for release in 3D June 22nd, 2012.
Despite what sounds like an already full plate, Reznor has some non-film related music in his sights as well and stated that:
 “Nine Inch Nails is not dead”
Reznor has been in studio with his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, working on How to Destroy Angels’ first full-length LP. They’ve been in the studio since last summer and have an album release planned for this fall. After he completes work on that project and the two films, Reznor plans to re-focus on NIN and added:
“By having a few different outlets for my work I’m finding more inspiration with each one.”
In other words...get ready for some Trent Reznor in your life. Until then check out the Fincher directed video for "Only, it's a kick ass tune!