Trisha Grace is a 19 year-old small town Michigan hottie with plans to model while traveling around the world.She's also a personal trainer that loves rock music, her family, fast cars, fishing, art, exotic animals and a hairy chest (I'm never shaving my chest again). Trisha is not a fan of eating fish, being told what to do and getting dressed (weird, I don't like her getting dressed either). If her wildest dream came true, she'd be living on the coast of Australia flying hot air balloons for a living. To follow Trisha Grace on Facebook, click here.

Photography: Shayne daniel vanderborne
Photography: Shawn Drake
Photography: Victor Koos
Photography: Jeremiah Rosa
Photography: Ceci n 'Est Pas/Allied Productions
Photography: David Birdsong
Photography: Jeremiah Rose
Photography: Brian Mens
Photography: Bill Strome