It looked like it actually rained marijuana on a city street in San Jose, California.  Numerous bags of pot were scattered up and down an intersection, absolutely free for the taking!  Obviously it did not fall from the sky, the weed fell out of a truck that was involved in an accident.


The truck crashed and landed on its side according to the Mercury News.  Bags of pot went everywhere!  The driver? Well he took off running!  However, before cops arrived at the scene, everyone around started taking the smoke.  When officers arrived they collected the remaining bags and are now on the lookout for not only the driver, but for the peeps who took the weed.

It is not known what caused the truck to crash, as there were no other vehicles involved in the accident.  Nonetheless, you know that driver is freaking out somewhere, and as for the people that took the pot, well they may be slightly paranoid now.