No, a zombie apocalypse hasn't happened just yet. However, if and when one does, it’s nice to know the people of Montana will be prepared.

An E.A.S. message went out Monday afternoon in the Great Falls, Montana area warning people to "not to try and apprehend these dangerous individuals” and to” seek shelter and stay safe” because  “dead bodies are rising from their graves" throughout several counties.

The warning came via KRTV during an episode of “The Steve Wilkos Show”. Although there was no impending attack from zombies KRTV felt it necessary to let their viewers know this report was “not accurate”. KRTV then went on to say that "the message did not originate from their station' and added that "engineers were looking into the situation”.

So far, no one has been able to figure out who hacked into KRTV's system or, as Gawker reported, if it was some kind of viral marketing for the AMC series "The Walking Dead".

[Source: Huffington Post]