"Two Men & A Dead Guy", that should be a TV show!  Two Denver men are accused of taking the body of their dead friend and his wallet on a wild night of fun! It is not clear how the guy died and the two men are not being charged with his death.  However, they will be charged with identity theft and criminal impersonation.

CBS News is reporting that Robert Young (43) and Mark Rubinson (25) took the body of Jeffrey Jarrett along with them as they withdrew money from his bank account and visited a strip club.  The two clowns did not take the body into the strip bar.  He was left in the car while his former friends partied on his dime!

Normally you have to worry about who your friends are who you hang out with when your ALIVE!  Now you have to worry when you're dead too?  If that is the case Chris Monroe will be robbing me blind and stuffing me in a trunk for sure!