I think he wants her to get out of the car.

Being a cab driver has to be annoying sometimes, as you have to let strangers into your cab and deal with whatever BS they send your way until you get them to their destination. Being an Uber driver adds an extra multiplier to the annoyance factor -- these a-holes are actually in your personal vehicle. Keeping that in mind and watching how the video plays out, I can't say I fault this dude for basically going into a ballistic, Jon Taffer-esque fit of blind rage when she won't get out of his car.

There are going to be varied opinions on this, especially since we all remember the Uber driver who randomly shot and killed several people in West Michigan not too long ago, but this does not appear to be that type of situation.

The video starts at the boiling point of what I'm sure was the most trying 15 minutes of this dude's Uber career, but you can still tell this lady is annoying AF. For someone going to the ER, this broad sure isn't in much of a hurry. She sits there for several minutes, refusing to get out of the man's car even though she is at her destination.

Like I said, I can only call this one like I see it. Maybe this guy is a raving lunatic, but it feels more like an "annoying entitled customer" situation. Anyone who's worked in the service industry knows the type I'm talking about -- the lady who gets one overcooked piece of broccoli and thinks she's owed a whole steak dinner and dessert for free. That seems like this lady all the way.

Check it out for yourself, but me and a bunch of people in the YouTube comments section are Team Uber-Mad Uber Driver all day.