Anyone that knows me is well aware that I like to go out and have a good time. One thing I do not do is drink and drive. From designated drivers to taxi cabs, I have spent a nice chunk of change on rides. Now thanks to Uber you and I can get a safe ride home without paying a lot. In fact you can get free rides right now from the ride sharing service.

That is right, Flint. Uber is offering four free Uber rides up to $20 off when you enter promo code WWBNUBER. From now until February 15th you can take advantage of this awesome deal. With just a touch of a button on your smartphone Uber connects you to nearby safe drivers who will take you where you need to go for much less than a cab. All you need to do is download Uber from the App store or Google Play and enter the promo code.

Anyone that has had a DUI knows how expensive, not to mention devastating it can be. Why endanger your life, not to mention someone else's? No night out is worth that! Have a great time and get home the safe way -- with an Uber ride!