A Scotia, New York smoke shop owner was recently facing 2-7 years in prison after Crack Cocaine was found in his store. Luckily for him, it was planted there by someone working for the police and all of it was caught on camera -- see the video here.

Just about everyone in prison will tell you they're innocent. Had things gone the way an undercover informant working for the Scotia Police had planned, there would've been one more prisoner proclaiming his innocence... but he would be telling the truth.

Donald Andrews Jr. is the owner of the Dobb City Smoke Shop, which sells mostly pipes, bongs, rolling papers, etc. -- all things that are legally sold in the state of New York. At some point in March, police grew suspicious of Andrews' business and sent in an undercover informant twice. Upon his second visit, he placed some crack cocaine on the counter of the store and photographed it, which was the evidence that led to Andrews' arrest.

Andrews was released once he had police look at the surveillance footage of the incident, which was captured from several angles by the seven security cameras that are in plain sight inside the store. Apparently, the informant wasn't very observant. He was, however, smart enough to skip town after the arrest.

Police are blaming the informant for the incident, but the Schenectady County Sheriff admitted that proper procedures were not followed during the investigation and arrest.