Researchers from the University of Michigan believe they have developed a smartphone app that will help travelers recover from jet lag.

The free app called Entrain begins with some simple questions, like current location and destination to mathematically establish required data, but then steers into the realm of the weird by asking about what type of light will be available. Supposedly, the app uses this information to provide you with a way of resetting your internal clock.

"These are the fastest schedules that have ever been proposed," University of Michigan PhD student and Entrain developer, Olivia Walch, told the Los Angeles Times. "Our schedule takes what could be 12 days of adjusting down to four."

The app got its name, Entrain, from the scientific term used to describe adjusting to another time zone – Entrainment.

Additional researchers involved with the project say they are trying to move past old school methods for how to conquer jet lag. "We're trying to move the science beyond your grandmother's advice of 'wake up late' or 'avoid carbohydrates' to something that can be rigorously tested," said circadian clock expert Daniel Forger. "All I know is these schedules are optimal according to the mathematics."

Entrain was released last week, and now researchers hope people will download the app to assist them in testing it and making it better. The app is available on iTunes by clicking here.