I am constantly telling Chris Monroe to NOT put things in his mouth, and this is exactly why! A Florida mother is suing an organization in charge of Head Start Day Care after her 3-year-old daughter found a used condom on the daycare playground and put it in her mouth. It gets worse, the condom tested positive for gonorrhea.

The incident dates back to last year, but the girl has to be repeatedly tested for STD's according to the Huffington Post. The mother of the young girl, Tiesha Sanders, is planning to sue over the incident. The day care center claims the facility is cleaned and checked daily. I bet it is now! Ms. Sanders claims to be suing so this does not happen to another child.

Reports indicate the child put the condom in her mouth because she believed it was a balloon. If you have a kid, you may want to point out the difference. Usually balloons don't come cream filled. Just saying.