A couple of weeks ago I told you about VR's Matt Sorum spilling the beans (sort of) on their search for a new frontman. The band has released even more details on the future of the "supergroup".

Unfortunately, one of those details is not the name of the new vocalist.  Here is exactly what Matt was comfortable announcing this week (when reading this, just remember I guessed Johnny Strong of Operator would be the new singer):

“[The] guy that we’re liking right now is a known guy, a very strong guy, too. And it seems to, at this point, in my opinion, metaphorically, it makes perfect sense because... a little younger, a little stronger, a little bit heavier rock ’n’ roll than we are, that’s all I can say, but in a way we want to come out stronger. The older you get, the stronger you have to be, the harder you have to work.”

Sorum also said that they have already spent four days writing and recording with the new guy and have "nine killer demos". In a seperate interview Slash said this about their new material:

“So it’s gonna be interesting going into the third record because we’re gonna have a whole different personality as a vocalist. Chances are it’s gonna be a lot heavier than anything Velvet Revolver has done so far. ’Cause that was the only thing missing for me – the sort or heaviness of it – in the first two Velvet Revolver records.”

Sorum assured that they would know for sure one way or the other before the week is out if they have a new singer.