Who doesn't like good '90s jams? I'm personally a big fan of '90s music, and it's great to see bands like Sponge still cranking out new music and playing shows. Catch Sponge live at the Machine Shop on April 15 with a special CD release show for 'Stop the Bleeding.' For more information on the show, go here.

Sponge are from Detroit, so it's only appropriate they would hold their CD release show here in Michigan. The band hit it big out of the Motor City back in 1995 with their debut album, 'Rotting Piñata,' which features hits like 'Plowed' and 'Molly (16 Candles).'

Ready to get nostalgic with me? Good! Check out the guys performing 'Molly' below.

Watch Sponge Perform 'Molly (16 Candles)':