Proof yet again that people are idiots. Actual real people are bidding on a night with a Brazilian virgin sex doll. I repeat, it is a doll. However, if your a guy that cannot stand a chatty bitch, this might be the girl for you!

When the auction ends on March 31st, the stupid winner, I mean lucky winner will receive:


  • A night in the presidential suite of Motel Swing [a pay-by-the-hour motel] in the city of São Paulo
  • A special candlelit dinner with French champagne
  • An aromatic bath with rose petals
  • Roundtrip flights (if you don't live in Sao Paulo)
  • Special lingerie (this is for her!)
  • A digital camera so you can film and after show it to your friend

I am not even sure if you get to keep the lovely and almost life like Valentina.  I guess this high priced pussy is soon to be sloppy seconds. Bon Appetit!