Flint, Michigan is home to some great local talent, a lot of which we will be showcasing in the new year. Before we get to that point we would like to see which band has connected the most with their audience by allowing you to vote for the Banana 101.5 Local Band of the Year 2011.

  • Givensix


    Blending time tested rock and roll songwriting techniques with progressive tones and hints of death core, Givensix isn’t your average metal band. Hailing from Flint, MI, they’ve forged their own sound, both dark and angry, yet somehow familiar, darkly comic and jaunty enough to make you wanna dance around or punch someone in the throat. For more on the latest Givensix album 'Harvest' -- check out our review.

  • It Lies Within

    'Home Is Where the Heart Is'

    It Lies Within started making their dent on the scene in 2008 with their new line-up and different style. After quickly earning an opening slot for a few National Acts at their hometown venue The Machine Shop, ILW immediately hit the studio to track their 2009 release 'Fears of Yesterday.' This EP differed from many Nu-Metal styles at the time having many harmonic leads, solo's, and powerful choruses. The much anticipated new album "Chrysalis" is going to be hair raising and demonstrate the bands originality, maturity, and development.

  • Ballz Deluxe

    'Family Reunion (What About Me)'

    Hailing from the outskirts of Detroit Rock City, Ballz Deluxe is purely ballz out, original rock n' roll that puts you in the mood to party. With honest, melodic hooks, catchy choruses, and heavy grooves, not to mention a reputation for putting on a no holds barred, energetic live show, Ballz Deluxe is flying the flag for dirty, dynamic, in your face, heavy rock.

  • No Resolve

    'Trust Me Not'

    Formed in 2005 by frontman Oscar Pegorraro, No Resolve is making a strong name for themselves. Hailing from southeast Michigan, their influences are widespread. This range of influences is reflected in their music, with a diverse palette of original material. The energy of their live shows is indisputable.

  • Tension Head


    Formed in 2003, Tension Head from Saginaw, Michigan explode onto the stage with the ferocity of a hurricane. Led by leather lunged vocalist Chuck Rossio and backed by the thunderous bass of Anthony Garcia, the vicious guitars of Sean Griffin, and the propulsive percussion of JoJo Jimenez, these straddlers of the fence between hard rock and metal take no prisoners with their energetic live performances and blistering recorded material.

  • Lifted

    'Drag You Down'

    Lifted got their name that came from the way the members feel when they see a band they love on stage. Aiming to give that same feeling to their fans, the power hard rock trio from Michigan, blends heavy tones with melodic vocals and some gut wrenching screams when needed.

  • Tripp 'N' Dixie

    'Crashing Down'

    Tripp 'N' Dixie is a four-piece Rock 'N' Roll group influence by classic rock and blues with a modern edgy vibe, bringing back the concept of real in-your-face head banging rock 'n' roll.

  • The Hangers On

    'Down In Fame'

    During the past few years that The Hangers On have been a band, the rock n' roll quartet from Flint, Michigan have stunned many with their high energy rock music and a live show that will leave your ears ringing and begging for more. While the members of The Hangers On are still young, no one is denying that these guys are a talented rock group.

  • Westfall

    'Industrial Rodent'

    WestFall is exceptionally active in their local music scene, and are constantly striving to broaden their horizons. Since their early childhood they shared the same schools, bus routes, and the same drive for music. They were inspired by classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd, who established the foundation for modern hard rock groups such as Godsmack and Metallica.

  • Deadringer

    'Last One Standing'

    Flint, Michigan is known worldwide as a blue-collar town tarnished by violence, crime, poverty, and outright unemployment. A place ignored and abandoned by government, God, and even its own people. It’s a place that forces you to stare reality in the face on a daily basis. With an unfortunate and often televised story around every corner, yet out of this waste land emerges power like no other, a live hard roll harder, grit in the eye, beer slinging force set to a groove that produces a no nonsense, no “Schmidtbull” style. Using the philosophy that their hometown was built on, Flint, Michigan’s Deadringer brings over a decade of busting ass to the table with a full on assault of sound on the ears.

  • DownSeed

    'Empire of Lies'

    In December of 2005 DownSeed was born, through determination and hard work they took the local area by storm, winning countless battles across the state of Michigan. While keeping true to their roots, DownSeed is working on incorporating a whole new sound, that will definitely have you begging for more. Prepare to witness the rebirth of DownSeed.

  • The Product

    'Make Your Move'

    Coming from a city that has all but collapsed due to the economy, this Detroit based band is literally making their move. After their initial e.p. release called “Break The Silence,” and their single “Make Your Move,” this band has toured the Midwest, sold 3,000 copies of their initial release that was self produced, mixed and mastered.