Working at Walmart probably isn't awesome, but you don't have to beat yourself off up about it.

This guy completely misunderstood when his boss told him to man the bait and tackle counter. If I were this dude, I would have to quit my job, shave my head, lose 80 pounds, get contacts, grow a beard, and move to another state to escape the embarrassment, but then again -- I would never whack it at Walmart. Maybe at a classy joint like Sears, but never Walmart. Just kidding.

The best part is when he tries to play it off as "adjusting his pants." Really? For 20 seconds? By reaching down the front of your pants? While staring at your phone? What, were you watching a YouTube tutorial on how to adjust your pants the slowest way possible that also makes it look like you're batin'? Come on, bro. Actually, that was a poor choice of words. Give me a break, dude.