This video will likely be the most insane thing you will see all day. That’s because with regard to this hit and run accident, there is no he said, she said – just pure bat-stein-crazy video footage of a man running over a woman and her 1-year-old child before driving off, at high speed dirt, while dragging the kid behind the van.

Luckily, neither the mother nor the child was seriously injured, but the driver did manage to get away. Muskegon police say that even though they have surveillance footage of the suspect, the man has yet to be identified.

We still can’t get over the fact that no one was seriously injured in this accident. Seriously, one minute mom is walking across the parking lot with a baby stroller and then, she vanishes…underneath the van! When the van drives off, there is no sign, whatsoever, of a baby stroller and it becomes apparent, by mom’s high speed foot pursuit and flailing arms, that the kid is stuck underneath the van. Nuts!