Paula Deen is back in the headlines these days, but this time it doesn't have anything to do with that diabetes drug that she's been recently criticized for peddling to her fans.

This time around, Deen has been making headlines for a raunchy video of her swearing it up behind the scenes of her various cooking shows.  According to an exclusive from the NY Post, Deen gave the spiced up blooper reel to the Celebrity Chefs Tour, suggesting that they use it to introduce her at several live cooking events that were planned.

While they did not show the whole video, the NY Post did upload a segment from it, which includes several NSFW moments, including one involving a chocolate eclair. Suddenly, we are no longer thinking about the dangers of diabeetus.

"Boy did she put that thing down," said Zane. "She can go all the way to the hilt."

"That thing was not touching teeth," said Hot Wings.

Check out the video below: