This is about to get ugly. Two kick ass artists in the ring tonight...and one song actually called 'Kick Ass'. Can the Static-X frontman take down the Flint-town favorites in his first solo outing? Find out by tuning in tonight @ 9p and make your voice heard by voting for your fav right here.

  • 'Assassins of Youth'

    Wayne Static

    Static-X frontman Wayne Static was curious what it would be like to record an album without having to fight with the other band members over ideas -- so he made a solo disc. The first single was written about his experience with getting clean. While his solo work still sounds like vintage Static, can it be down the more commercially aimed rock of Egypt Central?

  • 'Kick Ass'

    Egypt Central

    The follow up single from 'White Rabbit' appears to be as beloved as it's predecessor of the same name. The band has been barreling through the competition all week, they have just two more to get through to finish out the week undefeated.