If you are or have ever been broke, you know about cheap food.  On one hand it's great, because it doesn't cost much, but on the other hand, it sucks because it taste like crap.  But it doesn't have to if you check out my top five ways to make cheap food taste better.

Number Five - Put Doritos in your Ramen Noodles

I know this sounds strange and like a stoner came up with it, but I swear it's friggin' delicious.  Make some beef ramen, but make sure you cook it in a pot.  Microwaved ramen sucks.  Before you put in the seasoning pack, drain out most of the water, add the pack and toss some crushed up Nacho Cheese Doritos.  The chips give it a phenomenal crunch, but don't let it sit too long.  You don't want the chips to get soggy.

Number Four - Spice Up Frozen Pizzas

Frozen pizza is cheap as hell, but it just doesn't taste like a take out.  You can make a frozen pie taste considerably better by doing a few things.  First off all, get some butter, Parmesan and Italian seasonings.  Mix that all up and cover the crust with it.  Also, just by adding some Parmesan and a few extra pepperonis on top, you'll be covering the taste of the cheap cheese and skimpy toppings most frozen pizzas offer.

Number Three: Add Cinnamon to Your Coffee

I drink a ton of coffee and it gets pretty expensive after a while.  Especially if you buy the good stuff, but with this trick, you won't really need to.  When you put the grounds into the filter, add a healthy shake of cinnamon.  It'll taste like you spent four dollars on a cup.  Just make sure you use cinnamon, not cinnamon sugar.  Cinnamon sugar will turn your coffee maker into a mess.

Number Two: Don't Beat Your Meat

Meat is the focus of almost every meal here in America, so it shocks me how many people don't know how to cook it.  First of all, make sure you marinate.  Steaks can soak in a mixture of beef broth, steak sauce and garlic and most chicken and pork needs to be brined.  No need to over do it, just make sure you give it a few hours.  Also, make sure your meat isn't cold when you cook it.  Let it sit for at least 20 minutes, out of the broth to get the chill off.  Another mistake most people make is flipping it too much.  Figure our what the cook time is going to be, then cook it for 45% of that time on the first side.  Flip it, cook another 45% of the time, then sauce up the meat if you're going to.  Once it's sauced, flip it again and let it cook for 10% of cook time.  Regardless of what kind of meat it is, once you get it off the heat, let it sit for about 5 minutes before you cut into it.  By letting your meat rest, you're giving it time to suck in the juices and will keep things moist.

Number One: Grill Your Peanut Butter and Jellies

Grilled PB n' Js are the inspiration behind this whole list, and you'll be shocked at how much of a difference grilling them makes.  Do it the same way you'd make a grilled cheese, by buttering both sides of the bread and cooking it over medium heat.  Just make sure not to use too much peanut butter, because things can get pretty sloppy.  You serve up a grilled PB n' J with a glass of cold milk and you're in cheap, delicious heaven.