The EB nation has been kicking ass all week. They've beat Chevelle and Fair to Midland and now they must defeat Weaving the Fate if they want to finish out the week undefeated.

  • 'Str8 to the Bottom'

    Weaving the Fate

    Spelling aside, this is one of the most interesting songs I've heard in a while. It's a really unique combo of different types of music -- at times it almost sounds like hip-hop and then it comes in with an undeniably heavy guitar riff. On top of all that their vocalists almost sounds like a pop singer. I'm probably not doing a very good job of describing this, so check it out for yourself.

  • 'This Time It's Different'

    Evans Blue

    Our friends in Evans Blue have been absolutely mopping the floor with everything we throw at them...and rightfully so. The new tune is kick-ass, hopefully the rest of the upcoming album will follow suit.