The Flint Police Operations Facebook Page is there to remind all of us just how crazy Flint can be. Liking them on FB is tough because it will fill your entire news feed, so we grabbed some of the more unusual ones from October 25th -- November 1st, 2013.

  • 10

    Drinking and Parking

    Yeah, why don't those drunk people just drive off already?

  • 9

    Fight Club Mobile

    I bet they're fighting over one girl who lives there that they're all dating.

  • 8

    The Strangers

    If I had strange dudes with guns and knives in my house and hiding in my trees, I'd definitely want to see the police.

  • 7

    Get Out of Here, Dad!

    I bet he just wants some of your Pizza Rolls.

  • 6

    Welcome to Flint

    So, is this your first time here or did you recently gain the ability of sight?

  • 5

    Water Temp

    Uhh... sir, you can't bathe in here anyway.

  • 4

    Rabid Skunk

    That skunk looks like it really stinks.

  • 3


    Look down, I bet there's a flaming paper bag at your feet. Put it out with your hands.

  • 2

    Lonely Stoner

    I know one of y'all got some sugar! I'm trying to make Kool Aid here.

  • 1

    Pizza Rolls

    Told ya!