I found out today that the word for having a fear of Friday the 13th is friggatriskaidekaphobia, which peaked my interest into other phobias.  And as I got looking into other phobias, i realized there are a whole bunch of weird sexual phobias.  Here's five of the weirdest that I found.

Number 5: Venustraphobia - The Fear of Beautiful Women

Venustraphobia would be awful, because it pretty much guarantees that you're only going to do it ugly chicks, which is a horrifying thought.  The phobia mostly effects men, and is often the result of a humiliating experience with a beautiful woman or an extremely low self esteem.

Number 4: Ithyphallophobia/Eurotophobia - The Fear of Erections/Vaginas

Don't get me wrong, the opposite sex's genitals can be a little mysterious, but they are nothing to be afraid of.  They're there for your pleasure.  Maybe, I can understand why a boner would be a little scary, especially when you consider the ones you see in porn, but I do not understand how anyone is going to be scared of a vagina.  It's warm, inviting, and honestly, my favorite body part ever.

Number 3: Paraphobia - The Fear of Perversion

Paraphobia can present itself in a few different ways.  Some people with it are terrified of perverts.  Others dealing with the phobia are afraid of their own perverted thoughts or fear that they will become a pervert.  Perversion is a relative term though, and as long as it falls within the realms of morality and legality, I think more of it would make the world a better place.

Number 2: Menophobia - The Fear of Menstruation

This phobia is understandable, but unavoidable.  Chicks rag it out.  That's just the way the world works.  I'm not saying everybody should be out there earning Red Wings, but periods aren't anything to be afraid of.  Maybe your woman is when she's having hers, but you shouldn't be afraid of the blood.  On this topic, I never understand why men are so timid about buying tampons and Midol.  The cashier knows you aren't bleeding guys.

Number One: Genophobia - The Fear of Sex

I don't know who you are, what your story is, or what you're doing in the bedroom but I still hope your having sex.  Sex is pretty much the best thing ever, unless you suffer from genophobia.  Genophobiacs have been known to suffer from panic attacks during sex, which would not be fun for either party involved.  They also tend to be loners and stay away from personal relationships to avoid the chance of intimacy.