In 2007 when the top 5 ranked Michigan lost to Appalachian State,a Division 1AA school, people across the college football universe were shocked. It was one of the great sports upsets and a new report may explain what happened that Saturday. Was half of the Michigan Wolverine football team stoned?

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Nobody has ever accused smoking weed as being a performance enhancing drug(unless you're talking about how you perform eating nachos and listening to music), so most people don't have an issue with athletes puffin' the chron, on their own time.  But when smoking weed before a game causes one of most embarrassing losses of all time, there's a problem.

In a recent interview with Chat Sports, an anonymous former Wolverine football player claimed that the team was so confident walking into the game with Appalachian State, that several starters smoked marijuana the morning of the game.  The report also went on to claim that numerous Wolverine players were partying two nights before the game and had smoked in the hotel the Friday night before playing.

The interview didn't not make accusations against specific players, but did call out seniors QB Chad Henne and Tackle Jake Long for not holding their teammates accountable for their actions and also painted an unflattering picture of former Michigan head coach, Lloyd Carr.

Source: Chat Sports