Westboro Baptist Church, the radical church from Kansas that protests funerals for gay rights supporters and military personel, plan to protest any and all public/private funerals and memorials for Ryan Dunn who died in a car accident early Monday morning. Find out what they have to say in their press release after the jump.

After reading the whole press release that the Westboro Baptist Church sent out after Dunn's death, I was sickened by the thought that humans actually think like this. I'm not going to get into any huge religous debate on here, I am just wondering how a group of people can be so close-minded.

An excerpt from the press release reads; "Ryan Dunn is in hell! Drab pervert hawked porn-level filth (e.g., toy car up his rectum for entertainment) to get rich off a perverse generation. His “friends” & family lied to him about God & taught him to be a proud sinner. It’s too late for him; not too late for the living!"

Here's what they had to say about Dunn's friends tweets; "His fellow freaks from “Jackass” whined on Twitter – @SteveO saying he misses him; @rickkosick squalling about “good times;” and @realjknoxville claiming he lost a brother. You should have told him the truth about God and warned him against sinning away his final day of grace!"

I am very disturbed by this whole press release, read it, you may find it just as disturbing. Not that the Banana or myself condones drinking and driving, which it was reported that he had a high blood alcohol content, but this is not way to talk about the deceased. What do you think?