One of the biggest college football games of the year is coming up this Saturday.  Michigan State will be taking on Michigan and the wagers are beginning to flow.  The only thing that Spartans and Wolverines have in common is a mutual hatred for Ohio State.  With that said, I have made a simple yet pride destroying wager with some friends.

I have teamed up with fellow Wolverine and Banana weekender Ethan Goodfellow and we have made a wager with my girlfriend Heather and Dustin "Dirty" Braham.  They are the biggest Spartan fans I know and Ethan and I will be bleeding blue until we die.  The bet is simple yet brutal to any die hard Wolverine or Spartan fan.  If Michigan beats MSU on Saturday, Heather and Dirty will have to walk down Saginaw Street in downtown Flint and whistle "Hail to the Victors" the whole way.  If the Spartans win, Ethan and I will have to do the same and whistle that stupid MSU fight song down Saginaw.

To show my bias and total abuse of power on this post, take a minute to enjoy "Hail to the Victors" and Pop Evil's "In The Big House" below.

Friendly wagers always make any sport more fun.  What wagers do you have for the game this Saturday?