We all have pet peeves. They can range from people chewing loudly, to people that don't shut up or in this instance - littering. A friend of mine posted the picture above today on Facebook. All of this garbage was outside of a store on Miller Road in Flint. According to her post, it was not there when she went into the store. WTF is wrong with people?

As you can see in the photo, some idiot dropped/left a tampon, a needle and a cigarette pack in front of the popular retail store. Who does this? Did anyone see a person drop this? I would have said something. An exposed needle? Ugh. I am totally disgusted by this, so it made me wonder about what really bothers you? Let me know by answering the poll below. Let's take some pride in ourselves and where we live - I am sure Flint is not the only place garbage like this turns up.